Liquefied Natural Gas

The global LNG market is more dynamic than ever, with new supply sources and demand markets reshaping trade patterns and redefining traditional pricing relationships. The U.S. is becoming an important player in the global supply of LNG, with more than 2 Bcf/d forecast to be exported by 2017. Make informed decisions in this evolving and dynamic marketplace with the help of data-driven solutions from the Platts Consulting team.

  • Market Study- Evaluated the North American & world natural gas market and the prospects for LNG imports and exports from the United States for a top-tier LNG producer and marketer. This analysis focused on the ten-year outlook for supply growth from North America driven by shale gas development and the potential sources of demand in North America that would determine the competitiveness of LNG indexed at North American benchmark prices to European and Asian benchmark prices for LNG. 
  • Market Forecast- Provided analysis of the natural gas market in Texas and Louisiana with a focus on LNG exports through 2020. As part of this project, Platts provided assessments of announced North American LNG export facilities and the potential role of LNG exports in the Southeast/Gulf markets. Platts' analysis also included an evaluation of several major natural gas pricing points in the region and how changes in future market dynamics and pipeline constraints would potentially impact the future pricing environment. 
  • Due Diligence- Engaged by a large multi-national gas transportation and distribution company to participate in commercial due diligence for the possible acquisition of a regional storage operator in the U.S. This effort included operational issues (gas flows, capacity constraints, pipeline interconnect logistics, access to major pricing hubs); commercial issues (demand for storage, storage pricing, relationship to basis, arbitrage opportunities); potential risks/benefits (future interconnects, trading opportunities, impact of new LNG facilities, competing storage locations); financial issues (valuation, contract mix, hedging strategy, basis forecast). 
  • U.S. LNG exports
  • U.S. LNG re-exports
  • Liquefied natural gas
  • Qatar LNG production 
  • LNG ship locations 
  • US LNG re-exports
  • Asian LNG imports
  • Middle East LNG exports
  • Europe LNG imports
  • North American LNG exports
  • LNG export terminal development
  • LNG prices
  • Cove Point project details
  • Sabine Pass project details
  • Kitimat exports
  • Canadian gas exports

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