Natural Gas

Natural gas in the U.S. trades in a robust, integrated marketplace, tightly coupled with the Canadian market and increasingly influenced by global liquefied natural gas (LNG) markets. These conditions make the natural gas industry increasingly complex, with dynamic changes occurring rapidly. Platts' analysts have a wealth of experience in the natural gas market in both consulting and analyst roles. Utilize this experience to gather the information and answers you need to make your natural gas project successful.

  • Asset Evaluation- Evaluated the benefits and risks associated with an asset development deal in the Haynesville shale play. This project included a review of infrastructure development, an assessment of the shift from conventional versus unconventional production, pipeline flow and capacity analysis. Platts also completed a competitive analysis of all shale plays including a production breakeven analysis.
  • Demand Forecast- Prepared a forecast of future growth and subsequent natural gas demand for Alberta, Canada oil sands developments. Platts considered existing and proposed minable and in situ projects and estimated their future oil production, natural gas consumption, refining capacity required, transportation constraints and demand.
  • Production Forecast- Assisted with a study of natural gas production from the Bakken and Three Forks formations in and around North Dakota to determine the impact of future natural gas production on the natural gas transmission infrastructure in the area. Platts provided a 13-year outlook on natural gas and NGL production in the region, pipeline infrastructure, an economic analysis of resulting natural gas pricing. 
  • Market Analysis- Provided analysis of the natural gas market in Texas and Louisiana focusing on the trends that are expected to impact production, demand, pipeline flows and pricing in the region through 2020. Platts provided an assessment of North American LNG export facilities and a view of the impact of LNG exports on the Southeast/Gulf markets. Platts evaluated several major pricing points in the region to determine how changes in market dynamics and pipeline constraints could impact the pricing environment. 
  • Due Diligence- Participated in commercial due diligence for the possible acquisition of a regional storage operator in the U.S. This effort included operational issues (pipeline flows, capacity constraints, and access to major pricing hubs); commercial issues (demand for storage and pricing); potential upsides/downsides (impact of new LNG facilities, future interconnects); and financial issues (valuation, basis forecasts and hedging strategy).
  • Storage 
  • Infrastructure 
  • Power burn  
  • Demand  
  • Supply   
  • Dry gas   
  • Wet gas   
  • Asset development   
  • Property development   
  • Transportation rates and tariffs   
  • North American gas imports and exports   
  • North American production forecasts through 2030  
  • Industrial demand  
  • Commercial demand  
  • Residential demand

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