Power & Renewables

Platts' experience in natural gas, NGLs and LNG also transfer into other forms of energy. Platts has completed studies focused on renewable energy and nuclear power. Additionally, Platts has developed applications designed to simplify the process of keeping up to date with what interest you. Whatever your energy industry needs are, Platts has the knowledge and experience to provide you with the customized solutions you are seeking.

  • Due Diligence- Platts was engaged by a large multi-national gas transportation and distribution company to participate in commercial due diligence for the possible acquisition of a regional storage operator in the U.S. This effort included Operational Issues (gas flows, capacity constraints, pipeline interconnect logistics, access to major pricing hubs); commercial Issues (demand for storage, storage pricing, relationship to basis, arbitrage opportunities); potential upsides/downsides (future interconnects, trading opportunities, impact of new LNG facilities, competing storage locations); financial issues (valuation, contract mix, hedging strategy, basis forecast). 
  • Production Forecast- Platts defined areas of production growth in the U.S. to assist a midstream investment group in determining specific basins that could benefit most from midstream infrastructure growth. This study included a focus on where Platts sees drilling focus over the next few years, an analysis of breakeven costs by basin including any uplift from NGLs or oil, drilling rig orientation and migration with impacts going forward, basin export analysis for all products produced and analysis of current midstream and downstream infrastructure and an analysis of proposed expansions and additions to infrastructure. 
  • Forecasts- Platts regularly provides consulting clients with proprietary price forecasts, production projections, demand outlooks and how each component might affect different aspects of the power market.
  • Nuclear outages 
  • Western Electricity Coordinating Council 
  • Midwest Reliability Organization 
  • Southwest Power Pool
  • Electric Reliability Council of Texas
  • SERC Reliability Corporation
  • Reliability First Corporation
  • Northeast Power Coordinating Council
  • Florida Reliability Coordinating Council
  • North American Electric Reliability Coorporation
  • Gas burn replacement
  • Average monthly nuclear outages
  • Custom applications
  • Coal use
  • Nuclear power
  • Wind power
  • Wind energy
  • Renewable energy
  • Alternative energy

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