BENTEK’s new Cell Model database balances supply, demand and storage on a region-by-region basis and provides new visibility into the movement of natural gas in the U.S.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Streamline your analysis of the U.S. natural gas market with BENTEK’s new, innovative Cell Model database. The Cell Model facilitates region-by-region, fundamental analysis of the U.S. natural gas market by organizing complex data into balanced regions including the option to drill down to underlying flows on specific pipelines. By dividing the U.S. into eight different regions, or “cells,” BENTEK provides a daily, regional balance of natural gas supply (production, net pipeline imports, LNG imports), demand (residential/commercial, power, industrial) and storage in the U.S. In addition, the BENTEK Cell Model includes balanced inflows and outflows to adjacent regions as well as historical price and weather data.

BENTEK’s new Market Alert, Dissecting Natural Gas Supply & Demand, draws on historical and current data from BENTEK’s Cell Model database to assess the market implications of natural gas production, flow, demand and price dynamics.

Key features of BENTEK’s new Cell Model database:
• U.S. divided into eight different balanced “cells” for daily region-by-region natural gas analysis
• Models supply, demand and storage fundamentals in each U.S. region
• Regional inflows and outflows by pipeline, including flows to adjacent cells
• Balanced regionally and nationally to historical EIA storage data
• Interactive graphs and charts

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