Lowest U.S. ethane prices in years are leading to unprecedented volumes of ethane rejection in the U.S. Rockies and Midcontinent

Monday, July 02, 2012

U.S. Ethane Market Update:

BENTEK’s NGL Supply Report reports ethane prices in Mt. Belvieu, TX, have fallen 65% since January 2012, averaging $0.29 per gallon last week. Ethane prices in Conway, KS, averaged $.05 per gallon last week, the lowest price in more than seven years. As a result of these low prices and the large transportation costs of moving ethane to the U.S. Gulf Coast, ethane rejection is up to 123 Mb/d in the Midcontinent and Rockies regions, with 73 Mb/d occurring in the Rockies. However, the amount of ethane being rejected is having only a minor impact on gas being added into the supply stream. Economics for ethane production in areas closer to Mt. Belvieu, including the Permian, Eagle Ford and Oklahoma/Texas portions of the Anadarko, remain positive at this point.

According to the NGL Supply Report, the Rockies-to-Conway ethane fractionation spread dipped as low as ($3.97)/MMBtu on June 25, which is almost four times below the five-year average. BENTEK predicts ethane fractionation spreads from the Rockies and Midcontinent to Conway will remain negative through this summer, which should alleviate some of the ethane oversupply in the Conway market but will not be enough for prices to recover. Over the next few months, demand for ethane in Mt. Belvieu is expected to increase due to improvements at steam cracker operations and increasing feedstock conversions. However, low propane prices could put a damper on demand from steam crackers.

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