Supply & Demand Daily


BENTEK's Supply & Demand Daily gives you a jump-start on today’s market first thing each trading day.

Natural gas supply surpluses put downward pressure on market prices. When demand increases suddenly, prices can spike abruptly. The balance of supply and demand is the most important fundamental factor in natural gas markets. What if you could know that balance each day – in advance? Not calculations from an economic model, but the U.S. supply/demand balance based on actual flows as scheduled on interstate natural gas pipelines. 

Platts' daily Supply & Demand Daily™ report gives you that perspective, plus market insights about price trends, breaking news, pipeline outages and major industry developments. With its industry-leading view of production, imports and demand, Platts' daily Supply/Demand Balance is a must-read report.

The supply/demand table on Page 1 of the report provides a snapshot of today’s gas market, and includes historical data to put the numbers in perspective. The report also includes the latest storage outlook derived from Platts' supply/demand methodologies. Demand-side data is shown by region and sector. In the report, you can drill down to see how much gas is being consumed in three different regions in the U.S. and major demand sectors including power, industrial and residential/commercial. Platts flows capture over 95% of daily U.S. dry gas production. 

As a subscriber, you have access to Platts analysts who can answer any questions you may have about the data.