The Nuke Report


The Nuke Report tells you which nuclear power plants are offline and when maintenance outages are scheduled as well as estimates of the impact of nuclear plant outages on natural gas demand on a region-by-region basis.

Maintenance for nuclear power plants generally occurs during lower electricity demand periods in late spring and fall. However, unplanned outages at any time of the year can create unexpected spikes in natural gas demand. The Nuke Report™ – also called the Nuclear Outage Gas Equivalent Report – provides an in-depth view of how much natural gas is being burned to replace offline nuclear power generation capacity and when individual nuclear generation facilities are scheduled to undergo maintenance outages.

The Nuke Report lets you know which nuclear plants are out of service, when those plants will be back online and what those developments mean to incremental gas demand in the region. The impact on gas demand is estimated based on the relative position of natural gas in the dispatch “stack” in each region.

The Nuke Report shows all the unplanned outages of nuclear generating facilities in the United States along with a separate list of planned maintenance schedules. By utilizing Platts' proprietary Energy Data Warehouse and groundbreaking, data-gathering methodology, our analysts can decipher energy markets nationwide and determine what part of those nuclear power outages will be replaced by gas-fired generators.

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