North American Natural Gasoline and Condensate Outlook


Bentek forecasts condensate production to account for 23% of light US crude oil production as early as 2018.

The North American condensate market is quickly emerging as a hot topic. Ultra-light crude oil and condensate are becoming well-known as part of the North American energy mix, due to the abundance of US shale-oil production. At the same time, natural gasoline is also significantly growing due to rising US NGL raw mix supply. 

Platts' Market Alert, North American Natural Gasoline and Condensate Outlook, covers emerging US condensate supply, demand and price dynamics through 2023. This study provides 10-year US condensate forecasts by producing region, a diluent demand forecast for Canada, a list of refineries and condensate splitters that are capable of handling the growing condensate supply and a discussion of where incremental demand might come from.�

This study also takes an in-depth look at the interplay between condensate, natural gasoline and naphtha in North America and their potential impact on global naphtha prices. The report includes industry definitions for condensate, natural gasoline and naptha, providing you with a fundamental understanding of these commodities in North America.

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