The past few years have seen the largest surge of natural gas infrastructure investment in decades. New pipeline projects have rerouted gas flows across North America. Storage capacity has increased deliverability of gas supplies. New LNG terminals have increased the ability to import natural gas from global markets. All this development has had a huge impact on pricing, price differentials and the shape of the forward price curve. 

If you know when a project is being built and can track its progress, you can better prepare for major changes in the market. With Platts' ProjectTracker you can learn about major pipeline, storage and LNG facility projects that are coming up and how these will affect the marketplace. Key information about each project is provided in a searchable database along with Platts-established, in-service dates based on FERC filings.

ProjectTracker is maintained by Platts' Analytics team that maintains a group of infrastructure experts in every region of the United States and Canada. To stay current with expansions and new construction, ProjectTracker includes capacities for pipeline, storage and LNG infrastructure as well as tariffs, rate information, ownership and in-service dates. ProjectTracker includes important market information on key infrastructure projects, including pipeline interconnections, supply and delivery point information and details on customers that own capacity on the projects.

Analysis is based on Platts' proprietary, data-gathering technology, and the company’s analysts are available to answer your questions.