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BENTEK Energy® is an energy market analytics company, providing data-driven research and deep market understanding to our clients. We are a recognized leader in natural gas, oil and NGL market fundamental analysis. But our expertise goes much further, into power, demand and other energy segments. We collect and organize data from all of these markets from thousands of sources worldwide, and then transform the data into actionable intelligence and key market insights. BENTEK provides a full range of products including daily market reports, online applications, comprehensive studies, consulting engagements and retainer services.


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Industrial End Users Analytic Report - Engineering, construction deal reached for Indiana fertilizer plant
Midwest Fertilizer's plan to build a $1.6-billion nitrogen fertilizer complex in southern Indiana has moved forward. The previously delayed project, ...more
Southeast/Gulf Observer - Production falls 0.35 Bcf as offshore pulls down Southeast output
Southeast production on Thursday fell 348 MMcf from Wednesday to 11.23 Bcf as offshore production continues its maintenance-related decline and ...more
West Observer - Rockies exports to Southwest surge
The current heat wave in the Southwest continues to support Rockies inflows into the region, averaging 2.7 Bcf/d over the past three days, 263 ...more
Texas Observer - Permian production continues to rise
Production in the Permian Basin continues to reach new heights, as producers build on a run that began in early 2011. Year-to-date production ...more
Northeast Observer - Seneca III processing plant in start-up mode; Houston plant back online
Markwest announced that its Seneca III processing plant is now in start-up mode, thus increasing nameplate capacity from 400 MMcf/d to 600 MMcf/d.  ...more
Power Burn Analytic Report - Midwest nuclear outages down 85% from July 2013
As nuclear outages fall to a seasonal low, outages so far this month have been 44% below last year’s levels. The largest change was in the Midwest, ...more
Rockies Observer - Bakken flaring restrictions likely to displace Rockies outflows
Rockies outflows to Northern Border via Williston Basin (WBI) and Bison pipelines could face competition from incremental Bakken production as ...more
Gulf Coast Production Analytic Report - Transco maintenance plagues offshore production, down 283 MMcf/d
Gulf production on Thursday fell 305 MMcf to 5.9 Bcf, with the majority of the losses realized in the offshore regions, which declined to 3.41 ...more
Supply/Demand Balance Analytic Report - US production dips below 68 Bcf
Dry gas production volumes plummeted 620 MMcf/d to 67.6 Bcf/d, marking the first time production has dipped below 68 Bcf/d since July 8. The ...more
Canadian Observer - Blackspring Ridge Wind Project officially dedicated in Alberta
EDF EN Canada and Enbridge last week dedicated the 300-MW Blackspring Ridge Wind Project in Vulcan County, Alberta, the largest investment in ...more
Midcon Observer - Panhandle-TxOk cash price boosted amid warmer temperatures
Midcon demand in the producing region has averaged 2.8 Bcf/d since Monday, nearly 400 MMcf/d above last week's average and is forecast to rise ...more
West Observer (Weekly) - Portion of Sierrita Gas Pipeline granted approval for construction
FERC approved Tuesday construction of a key portion of Kinder Morgan's proposed Sierrita Gas Pipeline. The full 200 MMcf/d-capacity pipeline ...more
Northeast Observer (Weekly) - Operations resume at Houston plant; Dominion inventories rising
MarkWest indicated that operations have resumed at its Houston III processing plant after it was shut down on May 28 due to damages in its head ...more
Canadian Observer - Attractive summer-to-winter spread continues to fuel strong Dawn injections
Beginning July 13, Eastern Canada storage inventories flipped from a deficit to a surplus compared with last year and have continued to extend ...more
Northeast Observer - Kinder Morgan expects FID for Utica NGL pipeline by summer's end
Kinder Morgan explained in its 2Q2014 earnings call that it plans to make an investment decision about the Utica Marcellus Texas Pipeline (UMTP) ...more
West Observer - Texas outflows to the Southwest continue streak
The historic streak of net outflows from Texas to the Southwest continues, with net flows reaching
Rockies Observer - REX moves ahead on East-to-West project filing
On July 21 REX Pipeline announced it was providing FERC with engineering flow models of its existing and proposed system operations, as part ...more
Midcon Observer - Kinder Morgan to seek commitments for NGPL Gulf Coast Expansion in 3Q 2014
Kinder Morgan, in its 2Q 2014 earnings call, highlighted plans to move forward and seek commitments for its 0.5-0.75 Bcf/d Gulf Coast Expansion ...more
Southeast/Gulf Observer - Southeast July 2014 power burn falls 260 MMcf/d from 2013
Southeast power burn likely has hit its peak for the week, coming in at 8.42 Bcf/d Wednesday, a marginal decline from Tuesday, but  roughly 200 ...more
Power Burn Analytic Report - Significant drop in Midwest power burn balanced by Southwest, Texas
US power burn remained flat Wednesday, but there are competing trends in the regions. Midwest power burn has risen sharply over the past several ...more
Supply/Demand Balance Analytic Report - Mexican exports hit new record
Total demand is up 234 MMcf/d to 62.5 Bcf/d as declines in power demand were offset by an increase in Mexican exports, hitting an all-time high ...more
Industrial End Users Analytic Report - Houston company developing methanol-to-gasoline projects
ZeoGas, a Houston-based developer of natural gas-to-gasoline projects, said it has a license agreement with ExxonMobil to use that company's ...more
Texas Observer - Portion of Sierrita Gas Pipeline granted approval for construction
FERC approved Tuesday construction of a key portion of Kinder Morgan's proposed Sierrita Gas Pipeline. The full 200 MMcf/d-capacity pipeline ...more
Gulf Coast Production Analytic Report - Onshore, offshore declines drop Gulf to YTD average
Total Gulf production fell 70 MMcf/d to 6.46 Bcf/d Wednesday. Offshore dropped about 36 MMcf to 3.93 Bcf, while onshore production decreased ...more
BENTEK Energy: 2 New Points Added to Our Database
We've added 2 new points to our database in the last thirty days. Enable Gas: 1 new point; SONAT: 1 new point.
Canadian Observer (Weekly) - Special Feature: Summer-to-winter spreads continue to dictate storage injections
Beginning July 13, East Canada storage inventories flipped from a deficit to a surplus, compared to last year, and have continued to extend the ...more
Rockies Observer - Bison flows to NBPL displacing Canadian inflows
Summer-to-date Bison deliveries to NBPL have displaced Canadian inflows by roughly 200 MMcf/d. This is a departure from summers' past, which ...more
Northeast Observer - Northeast average MTD production hits a record
Northeast production posted a record 16.5 Bcf/d yesterday due to increases on production points in Northeast PA and Southeast PA wet regions. ...more
Texas Observer - Texas outflows to the Southwest continue streak
The historic streak of net outflows from Texas to the Southwest is continuing, with net flows to reach 1.4 Bcf Tuesday, up from 248 MMcf a year ...more
Southeast/Gulf Observer - Kinder Morgan nears FID for converting part of TGP to transport NGLs
Kinder Morgan said in its second-quarter earnings call that it is plans to make an investment decision about the Utica Marcellus Texas Pipeline ...more


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