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BENTEK Energy® is an energy market analytics company, providing data-driven research and deep market understanding to our clients. We are a recognized leader in natural gas, oil and NGL market fundamental analysis. But our expertise goes much further, into power, demand and other energy segments. We collect and organize data from all of these markets from thousands of sources worldwide, and then transform the data into actionable intelligence and key market insights. BENTEK provides a full range of products including daily market reports, online applications, comprehensive studies, consulting engagements and retainer services.


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Canadian Observer (Weekly) - Feature: Alberta storage inventories could enter winter at 100-Bcf deficit
Bentek estimates that Alberta storage injections averaged slightly more than 1.2 Bcf/d during August, roughly 0.5 Bcf/d above the previous 5-year ...more
Rockies Observer - Ruby outage drops westbound flows to zero
PG&E Malin cash basis blew out in Monday’s trading in anticipation of today’s one-day maintenance on Ruby pipeline.  Ruby is conducting an annual ...more
Southeast/Gulf Observer - Chevron pipe accident reroutes production onto Sea Robin
Offshore Louisiana production was unaffected by Saturday’s fatal accident on Chevron’s pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico.  Flows on Columbia Gulf’s ...more
West Observer - Malin strengthens as Ruby undergoes maintenance
PG&E Malin cash basis blew out in Monday trading in anticipation of Tuesday's one-day maintenance on Ruby pipeline. Ruby is conducting an annual ...more
Canadian Observer - TC Nova maintenance could further suppress system supply
Maintenance began late Monday on TC Nova's Grande Prairie Mainline between the Gold Creek and Latornell compressor stations in western Alberta ...more
Power Burn Analytic Report - First Solar breaks ground on Silver State South
First Solar earlier this month began construction on its 250-MW Silver State South Solar Project in Primm, Nevada. All power produced at the ...more
Northeast Observer - TCO storage levels below last year's mark despite stronger injections
TCO this past week posted its largest weekly injection since the June 12 storage week of 7.8 Bcf, while Dominion posted its smallest injection ...more
Texas Observer - Pipeline projects seen boosting Texas exports to Mexico
Work has begun on the second phase of the Los Ramones Pipeline, which will receive gas from the soon-to-be completed Net Mexico pipeline in South ...more
Midcon Observer - NGPL limits capacity along Amarillo Lateral tightening spreads to Midwest
NGPL on Tuesday reduced reduced capacity until further notice for northbound volumes on its Amarillo Lateral at Compressor Station 106 in Gage ...more
Supply/Demand Balance Analytic Report - Production plummets after setting new record
After topping 69.5 Bcf/d for the first time in Monday's I2 cycle, US production has dropped 1.2 Bcf/d in Tuesday's evening cycle estimates, driven ...more
Gulf Coast Production Analytic Report - Gulf production falls 195 MMcf to 6.37 Bcf on Tuesday
Gulf production on Tuesday fell to 6.37 Bcf, down 195 MMcf from Monday. Onshore and offshore regions split the difference, dropping 95 MMcf to ...more
Industrial End Users Analytic Report - Fed's production index lower for August
The Federal Reserve's index of industrial production in August fell 0.1 percentage point from July to 104.1 and its index for manufacturing output ...more
Northeast Observer - Northeast production declines following an all-time high record
The Northeast production sample dropped 140 MMcf/d over the weekend and is down 400 MMcf/d since last Friday, Sep. 12, when production reached ...more
Rockies Observer - Ultra Petroleum focuses on Uinta acreage
Ultra Petroleum said in a statement it intends to concentrate activity on its Uinta acreage, shifting away from its Appalachian acreage. Ultra ...more
Power Burn Analytic Report - US power burn rises to 22.8 Bcf/d; forecast to average 23.6 Bcf/d this week
US power burn is expected to rise 1.2 Bcf/d from Sunday's estimate to 22.8 Bcf/d Monday, a 0.3 Bcf/d drop from Friday. The day-over-day rise ...more
West Observer - PG&E restricts Baja Path capacity until Sept. 26th
PG&E started an 11-day maintenance on the Baja Path Monday, reducing capacity by 184 MMcf/d to 965 MMcf/d. The pipeline is conducting repairs ...more
Supply/Demand Balance Analytic Report - Market loosens on softening demand, exports
US production remained relatively flat over the weekend as declines in the Northeast were offset by increases in the Southeast and Texas.  Northeast ...more
Canadian Observer - Production strengthens amid completed maintenance
Canadian production returned to an estimated 13.4-Bcf/d over the weekend after several maintenance events rolled off in the last couple days.  ...more
Southeast/Gulf Observer - Gulf South announces Coastal Bend Header project
Gulf South announced a binding open season for its newly proposed Costal Bend Header system.  The 36 to 42-inch diameter        newbuild pipeline ...more
Texas Observer - Texas exports to Mexico continue record highs
Exports from Texas to Mexico are back near record highs. TETCO, one of three lines that sends gas to Mexico, posted nominations again, but for ...more
Midcon Observer - Nitrogen fertilizer plant project moves forward in North Dakota
Officials in Grand Forks, ND recently gave initial approval to Northern Plains Nitrogen's planned $1.85-billion nitrogen fertilizer plant. The ...more
Gulf Coast Production Analytic Report - Offshore production leads the way over the weekend
Total Gulf production increased 182 MMcf/d over the weekend, to 6.6 Bcf/d Monday from 6.42 Bcf/d Friday. Offshore production made up the majority ...more
Industrial End Users Analytic Report - New pipeline will serve Virginia wood products plant
The Hoover Treated Wood Products plant in Milford, VA, and Columbia Gas are sharing the $5-million cost of a new 6-mile pipeline that will bring ...more
Northeast Observer Expansions (Biweekly) - Northeast Expansions
Spectra's TEAM South project commences operations ahead of schedule (pg. 4)
Market Recap Analytic Report (Weekly) - Res/comm on rise as power burn drops
An early blast of fall and even wintry weather moving from the Rockies across the nation's midsection has power burn tumbling and res/comm demand ...more
Southeast/Gulf Observer - Cameron LNG receives DOE non-FTA export approval
The 2.1-Bcf/d Cameron LNG export facility has received DOE approval for the non-FTA exports up to 1.7 Bcf/d of LNG for 20 years.  Cameron has ...more
Gulf Coast Production Analytic Report - Gulf Coast production down as offshore fails to offset onshore decline
Gulf Coast production dropped 10 MMcf/d to 6.42 Bcf/d as offshore gains of 29 MMcf/d were more than offset by onshore declines of 39 MMcf/d.
West Observer - APS announces retirement of Unit 2 coal-fired generator
Arizona Public Service announced plans to shut one of its four coal-powered generators at the Cholla power plant by 2016. The decision to close ...more
Northeast Observer - Dominion increasing deliveries to ANR's Lebanon Lateral
Throughput on ANR’s Lebanon Lateral continues to increase, touching the 300-MMcf/d mark for the first time since the meter began posting flows ...more
Texas Observer - Cold week ahead may start displacement of power burn for Res/Com
Texas power burn dropped 1.0 Bcf/d to 4.3 Bcf/d from September 10 to 11, as temperatures sank in the state, and were down from the 30-day average ...more


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