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Going into its 6th year, Bentek Energy’s BENPOSIUM conference empowers attendees with proprietary, comprehensive, and forward-looking energy market fundamental analysis as only Bentek can deliver. The event attracts high-level attendees from the E&P, midstream, refining, and petrochemical sectors.

The objective of BENPOSIUM 2014 is to explore the most important aspects of the natural gas, crude oil, NGL, LNG, and petrochemical markets while providing data and information to help market participants stay ahead of the curve.

Key Topics at Benposium 2014:
  • North American natural gas outlook - Balancing supply push and demand pull
  • The other side of the BTU tipping point – Cheap feedstock spurs a manufacturing boom. Can gas/liquids infrastructure meet demand to avoid a basis blowout?
  • Global LNG – Export markets, pricing, and competitive analysis
  • North American commodity production explosion – Oil, gas, NGLs, and LPGs
  • The state of US commodity exports and their impact on the global commodities marketplace
  • The global market impact of surging US petrochemical production

PLUS!! New Shale Crude Track – Production and infrastructure forecasts, supply/demand balance analytics, and the state of downstream product exports

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