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Cell Model

The relationship between natural gas pipeline flows, storage balances and prices are undergoing fundamental changes that will impact how gas is marketed, moved and traded for decades to come. To understand the dynamics of these changes, it is necessary to access each element of natural gas supply and demand, not only in aggregate, but on a region-by-region basis.

BENTEK’s Cell Model™ facilitates regional analysis of the U.S. natural gas market by simplifying and enhancing fundamental market data into an easily digestible, web-based format. The Cell Model divides the U.S. into eight different “cells,” or geographic areas and provides balanced models of supply and demand in each region on a daily basis. The Cell Model utilizes the same methodology as BENTEK’s Observer Reports and Supply/Demand Balance but at a regional level including inflows and outflows. This approach provides unparalleled depth and detail into market dynamics and reveals market implications of interdependent pipeline flows.

Used in conjunction with BENTEK’s Energy Trend Analyzer (ETA), the Cell Model allows users to quickly monitor fundamental, regional natural gas market dynamics.  Plus, data from the Cell Model can be downloaded to Excel for continued analysis and manipulation.

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