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Crude Oil

Due to new technologies and process improvements, crude oil production in the U.S. and Canada is expected to boom over the next decade, leading to a decrease in overseas oil imports, volatile WTI-Brent pricing spreads and significant growth in infrastructure investments. BENTEK’s crude oil products track these dynamics and provide a new level of visibility into crude oil production and infrastructure in the U.S. and Canada.

Based on BENTEK’s fundamental analysis, BENTEK’s Crude Oil Production Monitors offer comprehensive coverage of the leading oil plays in the U.S. and Canada, including regional five-year production forecasts, drilling activity, transportation and refining constraints and pricing analysis. In addition, the Petroleum Project Tracker provides a cumulative database where the essential details of all up-and-coming U.S. and Canadian crude oil infrastructure projects can be accessed. BENTEK’s crude oil products cover key production areas including the Williston-Bakken/Three Forks, Utica, Eagle Ford, Permian, Niobrara and the Alberta oil sands.


Canadian Oil

Plays covered in BENTEK’s Canadian Crude Oil Production Monitor include the minable and in situ oil sands, Bakken, Cardium, Viking and Duvernay in Alberta; the Bakken, Viking and Shaunavon in Saskatchewan; and the Spearfish in Manitoba.

Crude Oil Balances

BENTEK’s Crude Oil Balances is a comprehensive dataset that provides 10-year forecasts for crude oil in every region of the U.S. and Canada, including specific sections that focus on each individual U.S. PADD, the Williston Basin and east and west Canada.

Market Call: North American Crude Oil

The Market Call: North American Crude Oil report helps you stay up-to-date on critical changes in the North American crude oil market by forecasting the fundamental factors of supply, demand and prices over the next five years

PADDs 1&5 (East/West)

This report provides up- to-date coverage of drilling activities, key players and infrastructure in California, Alaska and the East Coast region, including the Monterey Shale and the liquids-rich portion of the Marcellus Shale.

PADD 2 (Midcon)

This monthly publication also includes an overview of the five-year production outlook and tracks supply/demand dynamics and infrastructure in the Midcontinent.

PADD 3 (SE/Gulf)

BENTEK’s PADD 3 (Southeast/Gulf) Crude Oil Production Monitor provides detailed production forecasts for many of today’s hottest oil plays including the Eagle Ford, Permian and Anadarko basins. The oil production monitor also tracks supply/demand dynamics and infrastructure on a monthly basis.

PADD 4 (Rockies)

The PADD 4 (Rockies) Crude Oil Production Monitor is a reference manual for the most current and accurate regional projections for production growth in the U.S. Rockies region, and includes information on operators, number and type of wells drilled and news on operations in each basin.

Petroleum Project Tracker

BENTEK’s Petroleum Project Tracker is a cumulative database where the essential details of all up-and-coming U.S. and Canadian crude oil infrastructure projects can be accessed, including vital information about each project such as owner, origination and destination, diameter, length, total capacity and estimated completion date.