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Throughout the day, natural gas pipelines post scheduled receipt and delivery quantities for each meter point on their systems. This data represents natural gas flows and capacities in producing regions, demand areas, storage facilities and all points in-between. This data is powerful, with the potential to show natural gas imports, storage, LNG sendout and consumption throughout Europe. The challenge is being able to assemble that massive amount of data into a usable format and in a timely fashion.

Platts and BENTEK have met that challenge with the Energy Data Warehouse - Europe. BENTEK’s own proprietary, flow-gathering technology collects daily volumetric gas flows by volume and energy from 47 pipelines and infrastructure operators, covering hundreds of specific points. On a near real-time basis, Platts and BENTEK’s database details gas flows throughout Europe and, as the data builds on itself over time, allows you to track and analyze the evolution of the market.

Energy Data Warehouse - Europe delivers a replica of the database used by Platts and BENTEK analysts directly to your company’s servers. The parameters and volume of your query are totally customizable, with data available at intervals ranging from daily to near-real time. In addition, standardized units of measure are included for your convenience.

As with all Platts and BENTEK’s products, our customer support representatives are available to help set up your Energy Data Warehouse™, and our analysts are available to answer any questions about techniques and methodologies for using the data.

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