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Maps & Geospatial

There is a geographic dimension to most energy data. Natural gas producing fields, gas processing plants, pipelines, power generating facilities, utility service territories, import terminals and industrial plants are at specific locations. The visualization of those locations in a map-based view is often the best way to understand the relationships between the facilities. But physical location provides only one aspect of those relationships. Even more important are the flow, capacity, pricing and other interactions between facilities that can be tracked using energy data sources available from BENTEK.

BENTEK’s mapping and geospatial products give you the ability to geographically represent a wealth of energy information in North America and Europe. These products contain a large array of meticulously researched information from thousands of industry sources, providing you with a clear and concise way to spatially understand, analyze and customize your view of the energy industry, identify new opportunities and reveal industry trends.

GIS Layer Files

BENTEK’s GIS Layer Files include more than 60 North American and European geospatial data layers which provide the customized geospatial and statistical information you need to power North American and European natural gas, electric power, coal and emissions market analysis.

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GEOflo Pipeline Map

Using Google Maps™ mapping service, BENTEK’s GEOflo provides dynamic visualization of all interstate natural gas pipelines in the U.S. and all Canadian pipelines. It also includes all receipt and delivery points, identified as to the type of facility located at each point. The real power of GEOflo is its direct interface to BENTEK’s Energy Data Warehouse, which provides access to natural gas flows at each point.

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EnVisuals Hub Flow Maps

BENTEK’s EnVisuals Hub Flow Maps are an interactive, dynamic set of maps updated with near-real-time energy flows and regional pricing. These maps allow you to instantly envision the relationships between natural gas flows, capacity and price differentials between hubs in different regions across North America. The maps also provide the latest data on regional and national storage levels.

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Hub Flow Analyzer

GEOfloHub Flow Analyzer provides a graphic representation of pipeline flow, regional demand, price differentials (basis), outright price and other factors. Using Hub Flow Analyzer, you can extract key market trends without complex modeling or database queries.

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GEOfloBENTEK’s POWERmap contains a powerful suite of analysis and automation tools that allow you to spatially understand and analyze geographic relationships among various energy markets including natural gas, electric power and coal.

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GEOfloBENTEK’s PowerVision provides a single source for comprehensive European power and gas market fundamentals in a powerful, map-driven data platform.

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