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Market Alerts

BENTEK’s Market Alerts provide an in-depth analysis of complex regional natural gas markets. These reports give you a comprehensive review of each major pipeline, storage facility, flow pattern, capacity constraint, LNG terminal and other market components across a broad market area. With its "I" of the Storm and Catch the Wave Market Alerts, BENTEK created easy-to-understand visualizations of very complex flow patterns in the Southeast/Gulf region along with the Midcontinent and Northeast regions, respectively – setting an industry standard for clear, concise and easy-to-understand market rundowns.

Off The Rails

Will the US railcar fleet be able to keep pace with aggressive production growth or without the Keystone XL pipeline if the most stringent of the proposed regulations are implemented? This study will offer clarity on how certain regulations will affect various aspects of fleet efficiency and, ultimately, how large the crude tanker car fleet will need to be to keep pace with production in various scenarios.

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Adrift In A Sea Of Ethane

This in-depth study takes a deep-dive into ethane fundamentals in North America, the amount of exports that could potentially hit global markets over the next decade, and the current and proposed facilities around the world that could import US-sourced ethane.

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Debunking the Alternative Gas Demand Myth

New US demand sources like GTL plants, fertilizer and methanol production, and transportation fuels are emerging with huge growth potential. This study will help you know what to expect from new and re-emerging gas demand sources through 2019.

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North American Natural Gasoline and Condensate Outlook

The North American condensate and natural gasoline markets are quickly emerging as hot topics due to their significant growth rates. This study covers emerging US condensate supply, demand and price dynamics through 2023, and includes a discussion of the interplay between condensate, natural gasoline and naphtha markets.

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Son of a Beast: Utica Triggers Regional Role Reversal

Son of a Beast reports that over the next decade, major pipeline reversals will change gas flow patterns and price relationships across the continent. Learn more about the upcoming changes to the US natural gas market here.

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Growing Mexican Gas Market Creates Southwest Price Premiums

This study includes more than 30 pages of in-depth analysis that forecasts how the growth of the Mexican natural gas market will impact US flows and prices over the next five years.

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Market Madness: Aggressive Demand Breaks Price Brackets

Market Madness explores the storage, production and demand trends that influenced the price of gas in winter 2013 and the NYMEX forward curve.

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U.S. Natural Gas Production Outlook 2013-2014: Believe the Shale Boom

This Market Alert details the efficiency gains and other market conditions that are contributing to climbing natural gas production figures, even with the drop in gas-directed drilling since Sept. 2009.

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Power Jump-Starts New Gas Market Cycle

This Market Alert reviews the changes occurring in the power generation, natural gas and coal markets as a result of the supply glut and deflated natural gas prices in the U.S.

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CellCAST: Volatility Returns to Regional Natural Gas Markets

This Market Alert reviews the significant market changes that will occur over the next five years in North America and provides a five-year supply/demand balance for each region of the U.S. and Canada.

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New England: A Demand Island in a Sea of Supply

This Market Alert analyzes the market conditions that are contributing to surging New England gas prices and includes seven forecast scenarios for Algonquin Citygate winter cash basis in 2012/13.

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LNG Exports: The Global Thirst for North American Shale Gas

BENTEK's LNG Exports: The Global Thirst for North American Shale Gas the rapid pace of unconventional gas production growth in North America is about to transform the liquefied natural gas (LNG) import business into an export business, with important consequences for both the North American and global gas markets.

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Gas Burn Key as Emissions Fall in U.S.

BENTEK's Gas Burn Key as Emissions Fall in U.S. details how the EPA's Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR) is leading to rapid changes in the power generation stack in states across the U.S.

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Dissecting Natural Gas Supply & Demand

BENTEK’s Dissecting Natural Gas Supply & Demand draws on historical and current data from BENTEK’s Cell Model database to assess the market implications of natural gas production, flow, demand and price dynamics.

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Gas Tank Full: Henry Hub Will Re-Test Price Floor

This Market Alert evaluates the natural gas fundamentals that will effect the 2012 storage surplus, including injection rates, power demand and production curtailments.

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NGL Production Plateaus Before Shifting into High Gear

This Market Alert provides a review of NGL production factors currently holding back growth rates, and explains how these dynamics will affect the market over the next few years. The data and analysis presented in this Market Alert was taken from BENTEK's NGL Supply Report.

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Warm Winter Forces LNG Out Of Europe

BENTEK's Warm Winter Forces LNG Out Of Europe details how surging LNG sendout in Europe in 2010 and 2011 forced European gas markets into a supply overhang that persists today and threatens to force marginal LNG supplies to Asia. LNG suppliers have flocked to Asia to avoid this European supply glut and there’s a clear danger that supplies may not return anytime soon, even under extreme market conditions.

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Taming the Beast: Marcellus, Utica & Northeast Exports

BENTEK’s Taming the Beast: Marcellus, Utica & Northeast Exports Market Alert provides a detailed examination of Northeast supply growth over the next five years, including the potential for pushback or net exports.

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Crude Awakening: Shale Boom Hits Oil

This Market Alert provides a comprehensive review of the U.S. oil market and its potential growth over the next five years, including implicit industry challenges and implications.

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Production, Storage to Challenge 2012 Price Floor

This Market Alert analyses how strong U.S. natural gas production growth and record-high storage inventories will significantly impact 2012 prices.

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West Absorbs Marcellus Pushback

BENTEK’s Market Alert, West Absorbs Marcellus Pushback, analyzes the impact the Ruby Pipeline and Marcellus shale's exponential production growth are having on the West, including implications for Opal flows and basis expectations.

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"I" of the Storm

The “I" of the Storm Market Alert was developed out of the aftermath of Hurricanes Rita and Katrina along with an unprecedented level of infrastructure investment in the Southeast/Gulf region.


Industrial Revival

BENTEK’s proprietary flow-data-gathering technology and groundbreaking methodology allow BENTEK’s analysts to be able to determine signs of recovery in gas demand in the industrial sector. This Market Alert reviews developments in a number of industrial sectors that point to recent signs of recovery.

REX Rambles On

BENTEK’s Market Alert followed the impact of the Rockies Express Pipeline from its inception to its completion in Clarington, OH. The new capacity triggered massive changes in natural gas flow patterns and pricing relationships. This Market Alert examines those changes in flows and markets.

Coal-to-Gas Switching in the Northeast (PJM)

Much of the power generation in the PJM region has been coal-fired. However, gas-fired generation has gained a larger share of this market despite a drop in PJM power load. In this Market Alert, BENTEK details the aspects of coal-to-gas switching in the region.

Catch the Wave

The market dynamics in the U.S. Northeast have changed dramatically. Catch the Wave discusses the “Wave” of constraint barriers impacting the Northeast natural gas market.


The Rich Get Richer: Shale Gas and NGLs

The U.S. natural gas liquids (NGL) market is resurging and growth is shifting away from the traditional markets along the Gulf Coast and is now heading West. As a result, gas processors near rich gas and oil plays are due to receive a disproportionate share of financial rewards. This Market Alert details the net impacts and consequences of the regional shift in NGL production.

Forward Curve Suite

BENTEK’s Forward Curve Suite complements the Forward Curve Quarterly. The suite consists of five market alerts that provide comprehensive details behind the analysis presented in the Forward Curve Quarterly.

Intrastate Pipes / Order 720

FERC Order 720 promises to revolutionize the information transparency of markets served by intrastate (called non-interstate) pipeline and storage systems, including provisions for the posting of “No-Notice” data. Almost 150 intrastate pipelines, storage operators, local distribution companies and others are subject to Order 720’s data posting requirements.

Marcellus Ethane

BENTEK prepared the report on A Home for Marcellus Ethane to assess the magnitude of the ethane problem in the Marcellus Shale along with a framework for assessing the viability of several projects being promoted to alleviate the problem.

The Rush to Unconventional Oil

Although new drilling technologies are propelling production to soaring heights, the fate of U.S. oil industry in the short term is still uncertain. In this report, BENTEK examines how key players and drilling activities will fare based on the economy and oil production.

Wind, Coal and Gas Study

Wind energy promises a clean, renewable resource that uses no fossil fuel and generates zero emissions. Careful examination of the data suggests that the numbers do not add up as expected.

Beast in the East

The REX pipeline to Clarington, OH, upended traditional sources of supplies and markets throughout the United States. The Marcellus development will put pressure on not only REX flows but other pipelines to the region as well.


The Great NGL Surge!

The shale phenomenon that reshaped the natural gas industry over the past few years is now having the same impact on natural gas liquid (NGL), crude oil and refined products markets. The Great NGL Surge! provides a comprehensive analysis of NGL markets in the U.S. and Canada, including a broad assessment of marco-level developments in NGL markets.

EPA Rule Would Stress Power, Gas Grids

This Market Alert includes a summary of the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR), an addendum to the Clean Air Act, and how it might affect the natural gas and power industries over the next few years.

Ruby Delivers to Malin; What's Next?

This Market Alert analyzes Ruby Pipeline, which will offer Rockies producers a direct route to the West's premium market, PG&E Citygate in Northern California, and is predicted to provide one of the most low-cost routes in the region.

The Wind Power Paradox

This Market Alert is the first to systematically assess the emission reduction performance of wind generation based on hourly generation and emissions data. The study presents findings that show previous claims to be significantly overstated and that actual CO2 reductions are either so small as to be insignificant or too expensive to be practical.

Running on Empty

BENTEK’s Market Alert, Running on Empty, examines the fundamental market changes that have resulted from recent rate cases filed by Tennessee Gas and Columbia Gulf in the United States and TransCanada Pipelines in Canada. The report expands its analysis to consider the impact on flows and basis differentials in North America.

Nuclear Outages Surpass 10-Year Highs

Due to severe storms in the Southeast, nuclear outages in 2011 reached record high levels. This Market Alert explores the unexpected supply issues the U.S. power market encountered early in the cooling season.

Niobrara Gas Breathes Life into Piceance

BENTEK’s Market Alert, Niobrara Gas Breathes New Life into Piceance, explores the early indications that the Niobrara Shale formation may dramatically change the economics for gas production in the Piceance.

Storms Wreak Havoc on TVA Plants, Lines

This Market Alert analyzes the widespread power demand losses that occurred in April 2011 in the Southeast/Gulf region due to severe weather and how the storm system impacted regional gas demand from power generation.

Eagle Ford Shale - Deep in the Heart of Texas

Eagle Ford Shale – Deep in the Heart of Texas provides a broad overview of this emerging unconventional oil and gas play, including current drilling and production, statistics on activity, an examination of existing and proposed infrastructure and a discussion of market changes resulting from expected growth.

Water for Nothing and Power for Free

BENTEK's Water for Nothing and Power for Free explores the implications the extreme 2011 run-off will have for both natural gas and electricity prices and the national supply/demand balance.

U.S. Nuclear / Natural Gas Scenarios  

During March 2011, a tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan brought worldwide attention to the use of nuclear fuel as an energy source. In this Market Alert, “what if” scenarios examine the potential impact on natural gas demand if curtailments in U.S. nuclear generation capacity were to occur.