dcsimg Market Call: North American Crude Oil

Market Call: North American Crude Oil

Over the next five years, record high levels of light sweet crudes produced in North America will reach the U.S. Gulf Coast, resulting in volatile regional price spreads to West Texas Intermediate (WTI). Assess how regional North American market fundamentals will affect crude oil prices over the next five years with BENTEK’s Market Call: North American Crude Oil report.

The Market Call: North American Crude Oil report helps you stay up-to-date on critical changes in the North American crude oil market by forecasting the fundamental factors of supply, demand and prices over the next five years. This monthly publication includes five-year forecasts for key North American crude oil price points and regional WTI price differentials, including LLS, WCS and Bakken.

Additionally, the report covers U.S. PADD-level production, Mexican and Canadian regional production, Canadian and waterborne U.S. imports, Mexican exports and North American refining demand. Crude oil transportation economics are also featured with a special emphasis on crude-by-rail.

As an added benefit to subscribers, BENTEK analysts are available to answer any questions you may have.

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