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Observer Reports

Natural gas in the U.S. trades in a robust, integrated national marketplace, tightly coupled with the Canadian market and increasingly influenced by global LNG markets. But at the physical level, all gas markets are local – or at least regional.

Some examples include the how dynamics of natural gas supply/demand on the West Coast can be quite disconnected from East Coast markets. Markets in the Midwest can be more closely tied to Canadian supplies than the Gulf Coast. Until the completion of the Rockies Express Pipeline (REX), the Rockies region frequently resembled an island, cut off from many factors influencing other areas of the country.

To truly understand physical natural gas markets, it is necessary to focus on specific regional developments. Such a regional focus must consider natural gas flows, capacity trends, pipeline outages, behavior of price differentials, weather patterns and a myriad of other market developments. These reports provide daily and weekly details of regional markets in the United States, Canada and Europe.

Canadian Observer

The Canadian market is one of the most important factors in North America supply and demand. BENTEK’s daily and weekly Canadian Observer offers a comprehensive, forward-looking view of Canadian production, demand, storage, net exports to the U.S. and LNG imports.

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Midcontinent Observer

Whether it’s Rockies gas moving east, Gulf Coast gas moving north or Canadian gas moving south, the Midcontinent region is the crossroads of much of the North American gas movement. BENTEK’s daily and weekly Midcontinent Observer provide industry-leading analysis of regional flows, prices, storage and production in the region.

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Northeast Observer

The Northeast is one of the largest consuming regions in the United States and a key driver in natural gas prices. BENTEK’s daily and weekly Northeast Observer covers both natural gas and power in the region.

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Rockies Observer

With the completion of the Rockies Express Pipeline (REX), Rockies natural gas producers have enough outbound pipelines to impact markets on both coasts. BENTEK’s Rockies Observer analyzes the impact on production and outbound flows in relation to other regional markets.

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Southeast/Gulf/Texas Observer

The Southeast/Gulf region is the starting point for much of the natural gas that flows into Midcontinent and Northeast markets. BENTEK’s daily and weekly Southeast/Gulf Observer offer details of gas movement and pricing throughout the region.

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West Observer

The West Observer allows you to dive deep into the relationship between the natural gas and power markets in the California/Southwest and Pacific Northwest regions. These daily and weekly reports provide granular, sub-regional natural gas data that shows the movement of gas along the West Coast.
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