dcsimg Wind, Coal and Gas in Colorado

Wind, Coal and Gas in Colorado

Cycling coal-fired generating units produces more pollutants than wind generation saves.

Wind, Power and Unintended Consequences in the Colorado Energy Market

Wind energy promises a clean, renewable resource that uses no fossil fuel and generates zero emissions. Careful examination of the data suggests that the numbers do not add up as expected.

The “must take” provisions of Colorado’s Renewable Portfolio Standard require that other sources of generation, such as coal plants, must be “cycled” to accommodate wind power. This cycling makes coal generating units operate much less efficiently…so inefficiently, that these units produce significantly greater emissions.

This study reviews the data that supports this conclusion, outlines mitigation measures which can be used to realize the full potential of wind generation and provides recommendations for policy makers.

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The Independent Petroleum Association of the Mountain States (IPAMS), formed in 1974, is a non-profit trade association representing more than 400 independent oil and natural gas producers, service and supply companies, banking and financial institutions and industry consultants committed to environmentally responsible oil and natural gas development in the Intermountain West. This study was commissioned by IPAMS.

More information about IPAMS can be located at http://ipams.org/

Wind, Coal and Gas in Colorado


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